Terms & Conditions

Account types

Types of accounts that differ depending on the objectives of the user. A live account is opened for trading with real money. A demo account is used to practice and try new strategies and does not involve real profits or losses.

Average trade duration

The ratio of the total period of time that a trade was open to the number of trades executed.

Average P&L in points

Measure of the average profits and losses, expressed in points.


A fee charged to a user of the service for executing trades.

Equity chart

A chart that shows the state of a user’s trading account. The equity indicator is calculated by the formula: Balance + Floating Profit – Floating Loss.

Expected value

The expected return, which is expressed as the result of dividing net profit by the number of trades.

Gross P&L in points

Measure of the gross profits and losses, expressed in points.

Maximum loss

The maximum amount of money that a user lost over a selected time frame compared to their previous performance.

Maximum profit

The maximum amount of money that a user made over a selected time frame compared to their previous results.

Net profit

The part of a user’s income from all trades that remains after all expenses (including commissions) are deducted.


The smallest unit by which a currency exchange rate can change.


A measure of the efficiency of investment into a strategy. Calculated by the formula: Profit/Investment Amount x 100%.


A measure of the profitability of an investment, expressed as a percentage of the returns or losses of a strategy with respect to the money invested.

The ROI chart on the main page and on the detailed pages is displayed differently:

  • On the main page, only changes in ROI are displayed (i.e., if no trading occurred, days are skipped and not reflected in the chart)
  • On the detailed page, ROI is shown for each day, and if no trading occurred, a straight line at the level of the last set ROI will be displayed

Sharpe ratio

A measure of a strategy’s effectiveness that shows the profit to risk ratio. The higher the ratio, the higher the historical risk-adjusted return of the strategy.


A combination of rules and techniques for analyzing the market situation, as well as various trading methods and instruments (indicators and advisors) that help drive profitable trading on the stock market.

Strategy provider (Provider)

A user who trades directly and invites users to copy his or her strategy.


An order that limits losses when the price of an instrument reaches a certain level.


A user who makes money by copying the strategies of a Provider.


An order that takes profit when the price of an instrument reaches a certain level.


A single purchase or sale of currency.


How are calculations made after a Subscriber stops copying a strategy?

After a Subscriber stops copying a strategy, they agree to unsubscribe from all signals of the Strategy Provider. All the profits received by the Subscriber using the strategy up to this point remain in their account. There are no additional charges.

How is the commission calculated?

Example: you connect to a strategy with a commission of $15. At the time you connect to a strategy, your account in not charged. The charge occurs only for the volume opened using the signals, i.e. when signal positions are opened/closed. The size of the commission is calculated for a trading volume of 1 million; that is, if you open a trade for $100,000 (standard lot), the commission will be $1.50.

Can I close individual positions of a strategy that I am copying?

The Subscriber can close individual positions of a copied strategy and make other changes directly in the MT5 terminal.

Can I simultaneously be a Provider and connect to other strategies?

Yes, you can be a Provider and a Subscriber at the same time. For this you will need separate trading accounts on MT5 – one account will be connected as a Strategy Provider account, and the other as an account for copying signals.

What will happen if a Provider stops a strategy I am connected to?

You will receive an email that the Provider has stopped the strategy. In this case, all positions will be closed. Detailed information about profit/loss and commission will be displayed in the MT5 trading terminal.

How can a Provider stop/close a strategy?

Click Stop the Signal on the strategy page and confirm you agree that all positions of the strategy will be closed.

How is commission paid to the Provider?

The commission is credited to the Provider’s trading account daily, provided that Subscribers have opened positions through the Provider’s signals. The credit/commission amount is calculated across the entire volume copied by Subscribers while the strategy is still active, less 30%.

How many strategies can a Provider create?

The Provider can create as many strategies as there are trading accounts linked to his/her COPYDEAL account. One trading account – one strategy.

How do I become a Provider?

You must have a COPYDEAL account and a connected trading account. Next, on your account page, click Add Signal. In the form that appears, enter the name of your strategy, your commission, and a detailed description – this will increase user confidence in your signals as well as the number of subscribers. After your information is verified, the strategy will be displayed in the list of active COPYDEAL strategies.

How many strategies can I copy simultaneously?

There is no limit to the amount of strategies you can copy.

How do I connect multiple strategies?

You can connect multiple strategies to the same account or separate accounts the same way you connect the first strategy. You can find the list of strategies connected to your account by going to My Profile on your trading account page and viewing the table in the Subscription Accounts tab.

How do I stop copying a strategy?

To stop copying a strategy, go into My Account, click on My Subscriptions, and select the account to which the Strategy is connected. On the account page, select Subscription Accounts, find the strategy you want to stop, and click the Trash icon.

How do I connect a strategy?

You must have a COPYDEAL account and a connected trading account. Next, select a strategy that meets your criteria, go to the detailed strategy page, and click Subscribe. In the pop-up window, select your settings – the volume of copied trades, direction of copying, etc. The information will be sent for review. Following a successful review, the strategy will be connected to your trading account.

What is the difference between Balance and Equity?

Equity is the funds on an account at present. Equity includes both profits and losses on positions open at the time this figure is calculated. The following formula is used: Equity = Balance + Credit + Floating Profit – Floating Loss. Balance is the amount on a trading account that includes all completed transactions or trading operations as well as non-trading operations for depositing and withdrawing funds. It does not include open positions and can be equal to equity if there are no open positions on the account. In this case, the balance is calculated by the formula: Balance = Deposit – Withdrawal on your MT5 trading account.

Are SL/TP copied when a strategy is connected?

The SL/TP orders set by the Provider are copied automatically when connecting the strategy.

How is the profitability of a strategy calculated?

The profitability of a strategy is calculated over the entire time period it has been active. A profitability chart over all time is displayed on the main page and at the top of each detailed strategy page. Profitability over different time periods is displayed only in the statistical table at the bottom of the strategy’s page when you change time periods.

How are the top strategies chosen?

The top strategies are additionally displayed on the left of each strategy page. The most profitable strategies appear here.

How what basis are strategies ranked?

On the main page, you can filter strategies by: profitability, number of subscribers, commission set by the Strategy Provider, and type of assets used in the strategy.

How do I link my trading account to COPYDEAL?

First, you must register and create a COPYDEAL account. Next, go into My Account and click Add Account. In the pop-up window, enter your MT5 trading account number and password. After your trading account is verified, it will be connected to your COPYDEAL account. You can then choose whether to copy a strategy or become a Strategy Provider.